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About Robiwood

Our Robiwood branded products have emerged as a result of combining the environment-friendly organic materials we use with our designs of warm, sincere and various children's fairy tale villages for children.

Robiwood branded thematic playgroup designs such as ships, towers, castles, etc, add a very special and natural aesthetic atmosphere to the parks you will organize. It is also effective for children to acquire many skills and emotions such as exploring, excitement, concentration, and playing in the fabulous and mysterious world of the curved natural forms of the Robinia tree, with many special designs and thematic products.

Robiwood branded playgroups that are designed by our experienced R&D team contributes to the socialization of children as they enable them to spend more time with their peers.
Our new ORGANIC ROBINIA series play groups; were inspired by the unique natural shapes of Robinia trees. These trees give the feeling of being specially created to be used in playgrounds design. These products increase children's interest in nature and give a sense of nature in their lives.

Our ROBIWOOD branded products, which consist of unique natural shapes due to the nature of Robinia Pseudoacacia (Acacia) tree; increase the awareness of nature in children playing in playgrounds as well as in adults who accompany them.

Robinia Pseudoacacia (Acacia) tree, which is environment-friendly, contains natural preservatives due to its structure and provides extraordinary strength for many years, especially in damp and humid environments. For this reason, no care or chemical application that may be harmful to the environment and children is used on it so that children can play safely. At the same time its dense composition makes it very resistant against splintering, moisture and water.

Organic Playground Design 


Robinia Tree is such a unique tree that is created to add color to the children's world of play. Robiwood Playgrounds, that we manufacture using these trees, allow us to design perfect playgrounds thanks to their unique and natural forms.

Robifit Natural Outdoor Gym 


Robifit Outdoor Sport & Fitness Equipment designed by our design team provides a warm and natural atmosphere for those who do sports, while at the same time adapting to the surrounding natural.

Our manufacturing facilities

We produce Robiwood products in two production facilities with a total area of 5,600 m2 in Istanbul and Kocaeli, under the supervision of experienced architects and engineers, with a technical staff of 55 people. Our first production facilities is only producing Robinia (Acacia) wood Playgroups, Robinia Outdoor Sports and GYM equipment, Acacia Benches, Picnic Tables, Indoor Playrooms & Playground, Other Nature Play Equipment and similar Natural Urban Furniture.

Apart from that, our second production facility, located in Istanbul, provides room for the following departments
- Metal parts production and stainless slide production section,

- Rope production section for playgroups
- Rotation furnace section where plastic spare parts such as slide, roof, swing seat and railing are produced,
- Electrostatic powder paint division for metal parts
- Plastic coating section
- Net pyramid climbing systems production section

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