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Robiwood's Story

   It has all started in 2013 with the dream of creating plastic-free

organic fairy tale worlds for children. We believed in this project

with all our employees, especially our design and technical teams and worked hard to make our common dream come true.


   After 20 years in the design and production of classic playground equipment, we used all this experience and knowledge to create organic robinia playgrounds. We implemented them with the support  and trust of our employees. As a result,  Robiwood brand was born.


  Now, we are glad to present Robiwood products to children

all over the world by providing them original and innovative designs. The appreciation of our products encourages us to make develop new designs by forcing  our imagination.


   We strive to enhance children’s imagination, produce more than

playgroups, and produce aesthetic and extraordinary products,

by choosing trees which are especially in asymmetrical forms.


You dream, we create

Organic Robinia Playground


Each Robiwood products are much more than a Playgroup. İt is completely natural and artistic artifacts. It is unique in such a way that each one is different from each other. 
Each game group set up looks like an oil painting in the area you set up.


With Robifit products the joy of outdoor exercises never ends. Being in the nature will be a part of your fitness routine with our natural fitness equipment. We have a complete set of  devices designed  train every part of your body. Robifit products come featured maximum ergonomy without  compomising their natural asymmetry.